Top Tier Stand
The Blicmann top tier brewing stand will have you on your way to easy all grain brewing. This is just the center column with the base and wheels. Add burners and shelves as you need. You can select 3 burners or 2 burners and a shelf or any combo of three. Moves around very easily! The ultimate in all grain brewing flexibility!!! Fits any manufacturers pots and kegs up to 21 in dia and up to 30gal! Reuse your existing equipment! Mix & match burners or shelves for each tier to suit your brewing process. Burners/shelves are infinitely adjustable on the t-slot mounting post and can be installed on all 4 faces of the stand! Heavy gauge powder coated steel legs and high strength aluminum mast with t-slot mounting system. Heavy gauge stainless steel burner frame never rusts! And no nasty paint burning fumes! Stainless steel shelf fits 10gal round coolers and most rectangular coolers. Just getting into brewing? Buy our upgrade-ready floor standing burners now, and they'll bolt right into our stand when you’re ready to upgrade! No need to scrap your old burners!! Easily mount ancillary equipment to the t-slots in the frame for convenience Quickly knocks down for storage or transport. This Blichmann Top tier stand is a special order but you can come in and see one at the shop. We can drop ship to your house at no additional cost. Just give us a call for the great All grain beer brewing system