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Boilermaker 20 Gallon G2
The new Blichmann Engineering G2 Boilermaker is designed and manufactored in the USA!

Made of heavy guage 304 single piece, deep drawn, weld free construction and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Patent pending G2 linear flow valve allows you to easily fine tune your flow rate for sparging, Lautering and chilling. Helping to increase the repeatability of your system. The handle on this valve is great too. Can handle heat up to 600F and won't melt like the vinyl ones. Its a cool grip silicone handle.

The finish on this new boilermaker is a new sleek brush finish. You won't have any water stains or fingerprints and cleans up with ease.

The new handles are more durable and comfortable as well. They are made of high impact glass filled nylon and will stay cool to the touch.

The Famous adjustable Blichmann Brewmometer™ is still standard with this new G2 model as is the heavy borosilicate glass level gauge (sight glass) marked with gallons and liters.

The dip tube is also great. It snaps in and out without tools and drains to within 3/8inch of the bottom of the kettle.

Optional patented false bottom sold separately making the Blichmann Boilermaker™ a good fit for a false bottom, of course good for boil kettle and hot liquor tank.